BGA Autumn Meeting

Apologies once again for the delay in having a result for all those who took part. The result is shown in the table below. The CSS was 73.

Thanks to all who took part, and a huge thank you to Eyemouth Golf Club for hosting the event; and a special thanks to Michael Hackett for assisting the BGA in running this competition.

Prizes will be sent out to the category winners as soon as possible.

Ross Williams 739 points1
Keiran Willison 6382
John Nisbet 17383
Keith Craig 6384
Norman Lough 11365
Tom Gillie 5356
David Middlemiss 9357
Craig Charters 8358
Paul Pringle 12349
Steven Jappy 73410
Ryan Lyall 63311
Graeme Black 63312
Graham Lawrie 123313
Walter Forsyth 53214
Brian Anderson 83215
Jamie Tinlin 23116
Jamie Collins 83117
Campbell Martin 193118
Mark Munro 113119
George Muir 143120
Mike Griggs 173121
Iain Renton 153122
Doug Charters 93023
Bob Paterson 113024
Gary Calvert 142925
Gary Cuthbert 232926
Andy Lawrie 02829
Bill Greenshields 152830
Neil Gilchrist 72831
Colin Easton 72732
Greg Easton 32733
Jim Veitch 62734
Ryan Cuthbert 112535
Adam Robson 122236
Stuart Elliot 151637
Peter Pearson 231138
Alan Black 3NR
Scott Nightingale 3NR