BGA Summer

2019 Summer Competition, Peebles Golf Club Sunday 28th July

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Peebles Golf Club was the host for the competition. A total of 39 players divided into 3 Classes. 1st Class 0 to 9 handicap, 2nd Class 10 to 15 handicaps and 3rd Class was 16 and over.

The weather was dull with some rain forcasted but no wind to and soft greens were ideal for low scoring. The only drawback was that misguided shots would end up in heave rough which was wet and long.

The common saying “the best will come first” was confirmed in spades. Mark Hosker teed off first and set a score that was challenged but not beaten, 69 with a handicap of 5 set the target that was too low for the rest to catch. He also had two 2’s on his card. Andrew scored a net 65 to finish second. Three Players tied for third place with scores of 66. Scott Nightingale, Kenny McKay and Walter Forsyth. Walter called a penalty against himself when his ball moved on the first green. He was unsure if he had caused it to move or it had moved by itself. As he was not sure he added two shots on to his card.

Gary Lowrie romped to a win in the 2nd by 5 shots from Mark Munro. The 3rd Class used the Stableford scoring system which allowed the higher handicaps a bit of leeway from giant scores. Garry Robson score of 33 points piped his fellow Newcastleton by 1 point.

The Newcastleton Golf Club holds a special place in my heart. If only more clubs had a spirit like the Holm golfers. Nine members traveled to Peebles out of 30 members. Anyone who wants to see how a golf club is part of the community why not enter the Newcastleton Open which is on Sunday 4th August. Email Garry Cuthbert for an entry.

The BGA thanks Peebles Golf Club for the use of the course and complement the green-keepers on the condition of the course plus the catering staff for looking after the boys.


2018 Summer Stableford Competition, Hawick Golf Club

The summer Competition was played in what could be hardly called summer. It rained all the time. Unfortunately, the wet conditions were part of the cause of a serious accident out on the course. Derick Martin noticed that his trolley was running away and chased after it but slipped and fell and this resulted in him dislocating his knee cap. Thanks to Mobile phones an ambulance was called and was able to drive over the course and whisk Derick off to hospital. We wish you well, Derick, and hope you are back soon.

A trio of Gala lads teed off at 8.00 but freely admitted that the course won. As it should, it took a Hawick boy to show them how it was done. Ewan Reilly composed a round of 12 4’s, 4 3’s a 2 and a nasty 6.for 40 points. Would anyone catch him, many tried but nobody got close.

The Newcastleton boys usually pick up a prize but only Jamie Collins got close failing by 1 point. Michael Patterson finished 3rd in the A class with a better inward half than Jamie. Ross Williams was 2nd in the A class with 37 points.

Steven Aries (36) and Neil Comley (34) were 1st and 2nd in the B class. Fraser Brunton and David Beveridge won prizes with 30 and 28 points.

We thank the catering staff for their hospitality and Ally George for cutting the greens, and Adam Ballantyne for looking after his injured partner. A personal thanks to Keith (he knows who he is) for helping getting bodies together which made the competition a success and all the players who braved the miserable conditions.

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