BGA Events in July/August

There are several events in July and August which need to be highlighted: The BGA Mens Team play Lothians at Murrayfield GC on Sunday July 30th. July 31st the Boys Team take on Lothians and Stirling in the annual Triangular […]

Order of Merit: June

Results from Eyemouth Men’s Open: 1 Iain Methven 100pts 2 Matthew Duncan 90pts 3 Simon Fairburn 80pts 4 Paul Johnson 70pts 5 Paul Henry 60pts 6 Keith Craig 50pts 7 David Gillie 40pts 8 Stuart Patterson 30pts 9 John McKay […]

Order of Merit Update

Woll Open 27th May: Results: 1 S Fairburn 100pts 2 C Riddle 90pts 3 P Johnson 80pts 4 A Lawrie 70pts 5 J Easdon 60pts 6 E Walsy 50pts 7 E Gunter 40pts 8 M McKay 30pts 9 D Nichol […]

BGA Junior Coaching

This season’s sessions of Junior Coaching under the expert guidance of Frank Scott have begun. The Juniors are showing great commitment and enthusiasm and have already shown progress in their learning. It is hoped that in a year or two […]

Order of Merit 2017.

Order of Merit Table after 1 event. The next event is The Woll Open on May 27.     1. David Gillie 100 points 2. Mark Ford 90 points 3. Allan Chalmers 80 points 4. Jamie Morris 70 points 5. […]

BGA Spring Meeting: Full Result

BGA Spring Competition Stableford Kelso 7th May 2017 Par 71 SS 70 SS on day 37 points Ford M Kelso 4 41 Nightgale S Torwoodlee 4    40 Bailie G Hawick 5    39 Gillie David Torwoodlee -2    37 Chalmers […]

BGA Challenge Trophy

Sadly, the Challenge Trophy scheduled for this weekend at Galashiels Golf Club has been cancelled. The BGA Committee will look at trying to rearrange the Competition for later in the year. However, given that this Competition has been beset by […]

BGA Spring Meeting

More than 60 golfers played in the BGA Spring Meeting at Kelso GC on Sunday, May 7. The results were: 1st Mark Ford Kelso 41 points £100 Scratch David Gillie Torwoodlee 69 £80 1st Class S Nightgale Torwoodlee £60 40 […]

BGA Senior Championship

This year there there will be a BGA Senior Championship. This Championship will be held at Minto Golf Club on Sunday, August 27. Booking will be available through the BGA website from Monday, May 8. The entry fee is £10.00 […]