T. T. Sanderson

T T Sanderson won 9 Border Championships and 15 Peebles Championships. His memory is celebrated by an annual trophy match with all the Border Clubs invited to send a team of 6 to play for the Trophy. This competition is different from the usual competition, it caters for all golfers. The teams are made up of two low, two middle and two high handicappers. Scoring is stableford and the sum of the 6 scores is added, to give a winner. Melrose, Hawick, Peebles, Kelso, Jedburgh, Innerleithen, The Hirsel, Galashiels. Torwoodlee, Langholm, Cardrona and Gala Bakers are all former winner.

Unfortunately, enthusiasm has waned in the past few years and only 7 clubs answered the call. It is sad that clubs can’t round up six players to compete on one of the best courses in the borders. Let’s hope that next year we can double the entry. An interesting statistic, four of the seven clubs who entered are 9 hole clubs

Now to the golf, the weather was promised, good by the Met Office and like golf it sometimes isn’t as good as promised. Dull but no rain, just a touch in the air at times. The soft ground made the course long and the scoring high. Brian Portious (Langholm) returned the best score with 37 points and only three others got in the zone. This resulted in the SS dropping by 2 shots.

When all the scores were counted, Langholm were declared the winner. .


Langholm      197 points

Lauder           191

Peebles         188

Torwoodlee   179

St Boswells   179

Cardrona       173

Innerleithen  146

After the presentation, Walter Forsyth thanked the players for taking part and the players returned the compliment by thanking Walter for organizing the event with help from the staff, both catering and the green staff.